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Choosing the appropriate flooring materials for each section of your new production or custom house is a critical and time-consuming decision.

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Flooring Installation Greensboro NC

Best Kitchen and Bathroom Flooring Installation Greensboro

Choosing the appropriate flooring materials for each section of your new production or custom house is a critical and time-consuming decision. Striking the proper combination of design and utility may be difficult, made all the more difficult by the elevated moisture and humidity levels prevalent in kitchens and bathrooms. If you install flooring that is not intended for high-moisture environments, you may quickly find yourself in need of costly repairs or possibly a complete replacement. Fortunately, there's an abundance of possibilities available, providing homeowners with more kitchen and bathroom flooring selections than ever before. To get you started, here are many of our best flooring installation Greensboro options.

The tile should be the first choice of flooring for any new homeowner since it is both durable and exceptionally moisture resistant, making it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. With the variety of sizes, shapes, textures, and finishes available today, tile can satisfy even the most discriminating interior designer. The most popular flooring installation Greensboro form of tile is ceramic, with porcelain frequently available due to its greater water resistance. Many homeowners choose tile worktops for their kitchens and then look for a kitchen flooring Greensboro tile to complete the look.

In bathrooms, because tile is cool to the touch, walking bare feet may prefer to walk on bath mats. Using mats can help avoid unintentional slipping due to the slick nature of wet tiles. Make sure you choose tiles with a high coefficient of friction, as these are designed to aid in preventing slipping.

With its durability, resistance to water, and affordability, it's obvious to understand why vinyl flooring is a favored choice for new homeowners when constructing a kitchen or bathroom. Vinyl is available in tiles, sheets, and planks and can aesthetically resemble a wide variety of other surfaces. In comparison to tile, vinyl provides a more cushioned surface, allowing you to stand for long periods without experiencing weariness or discomfort. It is more forgiving of dropped dishes and glasses. Additionally, it aids in the deafening of an acoustically loud environment.

Sheet vinyl is usually a better choice for bathroom flooring Greensboro where it will be exposed to moisture or puddles, as it has fewer installation seams through which water can enter. Additionally, it is softer to the touch and reasonably slip-resistant when wet. When installing vinyl in high-moisture locations, look for vinyl that contains a urethane wear layer.

While laminate is not as resistant to moisture as tile or vinyl, properly treated laminate remains a viable option for kitchens and bathrooms. Laminate flooring is popular for homeowners who like the look of hardwood floors but are unable to install them in high-moisture settings.

While laminate is water-resistant when properly treated, it is preferable for kitchens or half baths. Installing laminate in a full bath may result in water damage, as water is more certain to accumulate on the floor after a bath or shower, and fixing damaged laminate typically requires replacing the affected section entirely.

Cork flooring is increasingly gaining popularity among homes looking for a durable, eco-friendly material suited for both kitchen and bath use. Cork is from the cork oak tree when it sheds its bark naturally, making it eco-friendly and one of the most renewable materials available. It is baked under pressure after collecting the cork material, resulting in subtle shading and color differences. Cork provides a cushioned feel underfoot due to the millions of air-filled micro-cells included within each manufactured slab, making it excellent for kitchens where you'll be on your feet for an extended period of time.


Due to the high moisture level in kitchens and bathrooms, additional consideration must be taken when choosing a flooring installation Greensboro material for these two different areas. Wet surfaces also raise the likelihood of slipping, so it's best to choose a flooring material with some texture to help avoid this problem.

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